Introducing Hanoi Capital

Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam with a long history dating back 3,000 BC. It is incomplete when talking about the capital of Vietnam without mentioning its natural charm, educated and hospitable residents and long proud history The city enjoys a warm humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons: summer (May-August), fall (September-October), winter (November-January) and spring (February-April). Residents experience heavy precipitation most of the year, especially in summer.

 Hoan Kiem Lake in the most romantic time of Hanoi
Hoan Kiem Lake in the most romantic time of Hanoi.
The city possesses the fascinating well-preserved centuries-old architecture. Hanoi is Vietnam's cultural centre, and puppetry, music, and dance performances are well worth your time. Hanoi got its nickname of the Paris of the East, from the picturesque tree-lined boulevards adorned with French-style villas and buildings. There are a lot to do in this city. The quintessential Hanoi, the Old Quarter which is a maze of streets dating back to the 13th century would be an interesting destination to visit. The Old Quarter's Communal Houses were set up by guilds as small temples to honor a local god. Another sightseeing highlight is the Temple of Literature – the first university in Vietnam and also a sanctuary of Confucianism and Vietnam's seat of learning for almost a thousand years.

The airport of Hanoi is located 35km faraway in the north of city.

In case that Noi Bai International Airport is the first place you reach when you come to Vietnam, you do not have to be worried about the transport here. The airport is well-organized and modern so that you can get to the center of the capital easily on the most modern highway.
Before coming to Hanoi Airport, you should have the Visa and fill the arrival departure card which is sometimes given out on the flights. If not, before joining the queue to pass, you have to get this card in the sitting room. You should make sure that you write the right information on the card since the entry is quite strict. Otherwise, you must return to line up again. 
If you do not have the currency of Vietnam (dong), you can exchange money at the formal desk inside this airport. In case that you enter Hanoi by taxi or personal car, you can pay with dollar. The exchange rate is quite stable at $1 = 15,900d in January 2006.
Transfer into Hanoi Capital.
The messy traffic of Hanoi.
In Hanoi, if you stay at least 3 nights, almost hotels will send a driver. Although we were offered this service at the last time we visited the city, we paid the receptionist $10 and travel on their own as we were not fond of the hotel. You can find the official taxi stand and buy a ticket to get into the city. You will be taken to the first taxi with the price about $10.
Other option for the cheaper price is minibuses of Vietnam Airline. They travel between the arrival and office of Vietnam Airline to the heart of Hanoi on Trang Thi Street. The driver often drops you at the Old Quarter for tips. You should pay attention to the signs when you are in the lounge of the public arrival. 
All ways of moving is uncomplicated. You are not annoyed in the airport; therefore, you just head to the bus station of Vietnam airline or the pre-paid taxi stand.

Hanoi's weather

The weather of Hanoi is unstable. From the 4 different seasons, it can be separated into 2 leading seasons including the winter from November to March when it is dry and cold; the summer from May to September when the weather is very hot and humid. Some people question about the weather in October and April. It is tropical wet climate which has the monsoon coming under any conditions. These two months are the most uncertain period of time that happen monsoon.

When the autumn falls, Hanoi is bright tenderly.
When the autumn falls, Hanoi is bright tenderly.

The ideal time for tourism is in November and December when the air is relatively fresh and the sky is obvious almost all the time. It is suitable for traveling. The weather of Hanoi today and tomorrow is shown below. To see a detailed range weather forecast, click anywhere on it. The 2 graphs under it are the demonstrations for the average temperature and amount of rainfall each month during the year.