Sapa - The Town In Cloud

Lying in Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, in the northwestern Vietnam, Sa Pa is the attraction to come at all times of a year. Each year, it is attractive for different features. In summer, while it is terribly hot in many provinces in the North, Sapa is an ideal place to escape from that weather. In winter, people are excited to come to Sapa to breathe the cold of mountain and forest and imagine that they are in the remote Europe. 

The town is famous for its authentic rugged scenery, mild weather and rich culture diversity. The average temperature ranging from 15 to 18 degree census make Sapa a great destination for your vacation. The whole town becomes mysterious in the thick fog in cold weather. The ancient French architecture of the stone church near by a row of high pine trees together with the street light poles in European style make tourists feel that they are getting lost in a remote region. 
Sapa is home to many hill tribes with four main groups of Hmong, Dao, Tay and Giay ethnic minorities. Visiting the villages of these communities shall be an amazing experience for your trip to Sapa. Cat Cat village may be the first destination to come. It is only around 2 km from the centre of Sapa town to Cat Cat Village, the long history village of the Hmong which has retained lots of traditional handcrafts including planting flowers and flex for weaving. Especially, this village keeps preserving various unique customs that cannot be found anywhere else. 

Ta Phin is your second choice. The first destination for tourists coming to Ta Phin is the monastery which serves as a unique ancient architecture in western style, built at the end of 19th century. Up to now, the ancient beauty of the constructions seems to be intact. In the Southeast, the monastery faces the imposing Ham Rong range of mountains located on a majestic terrain with mountains of different shapes and sizes. They seem to create a dragon with a raising head, cover the whole of Sapa. 
Ta Van, Sin Chai or Ban Ho villages are also the places where you can discover and learn lots of new and exciting things about the locals in Sapa. 
Moreover, Pan Si Pan Mountain – Known as the Mount Everest of Vietnam, the roof of Indochina is tempting to all adventurous trekkers.