Bach Ma National Park

Located at around 50 km to the south from centre of Hue, Bach Ma National Park possesses the almost identical climate to Da Lat, Sapa or Tam Dao. However, due to the position of closing to sea, the temperature here never goes lower than 4°C and higher than 26°C in winter and summer respectively. 
The French colonist started the Bach Ma National Park first in 1925 protecting the inhabitants of that area. Following 1932 when the French stationed their colonial administration centre for Hue, building several villa's to create a second Dalat in the centre of Vietnam. After the French left Vietnam in 1954 this Area was soon forgotten, leaving the French colonial villa's at the mercy of the Jungle. In the 60's the Americans took over this area as a strategic base for their military actions controlling the stretch between Hue and Danang. 
In 1976 the Vietnamese Government stated the Bach Ma national Park extending the Park over the Years to its current size of almost 40.000 hectares. Bach Ma summit offers a range of unique trails for those interested in wildlife and history for whom simply wish to enjoy the distinctive natural beauty of the park. Each trail can be walked in under a day and do not require any special hiking equipment.
The park is home to two types of forest: sub-tropical evergreen monsoon forest above 900 metres, and tropical evergreen monsoon forest below that mark. It’s known for its beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails and decaying French villas dotting the landscape. The native wildlife includes Asiatic black bear, leopard and stump-tailed macaques, as well as wild pigs and deer. There’s excellent bird-watching here as well, but of course, to get a peek at the birds you’ll have to get up at the crack of dawn. About 65,000 tribal minorities live within the national park ‘buffer zone’, including a settlement called the Khe Su hamlet, which can be visited while you’re in the park.
Bach Ma National Park is particularly pretty in March and April when the walking trails wind their way through the blossoming rhododendron woods. Numerous butterflies have made a home of the park and the bird life is considered to be of particular interest. On a clear day a walk up to the summit will provide views for miles around.

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