10 Best Vietnamese Foods For Tourist

Because of the broad mix of vegetables and herbs with noodle, pork, rice, beef and seafood, Vietnamese food is famous for delicious flavor and healthiness. Some of the tastiest Vietnamese specialties are sold in stalls at small restaurants, colorful street markets and on the street whereas there is a large number of five-star restaurants and venues that serve stunning dishes in the luxurious scene in several cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Normally, a meal will consist of noodle or rice mixing with vegetable, seafood, fish sauce and soup which can be modified based on your choice. We would like to make this list of stunning food in our country which you can relish whenever you want. The majority of people have known about spring rolls and pho, but it is not just that much: a vast variety of food just served in some areas. Thus, you are suggested to eat once when you come there.
1. The typical food of Vietnamese is pho which is made from tasty soup, vegetables, meat, fish sauce, chili sauce and noodle. Normally, a bowl of pho will have beef meatball, slice and flank, lime, herb like mint, onion, cilantro, and basil and sprouts. You may choose other special parts of beef including beef tendon, flank with cartilage and stomach. This dish is usually served in the morning at 20,000 or 30,000d in the street, market and restaurant of native people. 
2. A distinctive French-Vietnamese fast food that we must try is banh my. It is a kind of sandwich which is suitable for those who have no time to wait. This food comprises pate, hot peper, soy sauce, chili, cilantro and vegetable inside toasted baguette. Meat fillings are various such as chicken, Chinese barbecue pork, grilled meat, roasted pork, fish meatball and fried egg. 
3. Another food we recommend you to enjoy is banh xeo that is quite as same as pancake or crepe. Its ingredients are coconut milk, turmeric, rice flour, chicken, onions, mushroom, sprout, shrimp, pork, beef and vermicelli noodle. This food is often sold in markets, stalls and restaurants at the price from 15,000 to 25,000d. It is served with rice paper and lettuce. The way to eat is using rice paper, lettuce, and mustard leaf to wrap banh xeo with nem lui, basil, and mint and then dipping this roll in fermented peanut sauce. 

4. Goi cuon which has a mild taste is also called Vietnamese fresh spring roll. It includes sliced pork, lettuce, rice paper, shrimp, basil and vermicelli noodle. People enjoy this food with peanut chili hoi sin sauce. This first court is very popular and good for your health rather than cha gio – a mix of minced pork, spices and bean noodle in a fried roll. 
5. Originated from Da Nang city, Quang noodle is available in countless Vietnamese restaurants. It is different from other food that the rice noodle used in this dish is yellow. It is a stunning combination of river shrimp, roasted meat, boiled eggs and broth which contains black pepper, garlic, shallot and fish sauce. Like almost food in the country, it is served with many sesame rice cracker and herbs such as lettuce, basil, sliced banana flower, coriander and peanut.
6. The ingredients of bun thit nuong comprises chopped peanut, grilled meat, vermicelli rice noodle, mint, lettuce, basil, bean sprout, sliced cucumber and pickled daikon. Its distinctive feature is that it is not served with broth or soup. Instead of that, it comes with sauce which makes the taste special and stunning. Its flavor is delicate and complete; however, it is suggested that you may enjoy other versions such as bun thit nuong cha gio with cha gio slice.
7. In Vietnamese, there is a special dish named com tam, which means broken rice in English. Normally, it is the combination of many kinds of meat, fried egg and green onion. Native people often choose it as a meal in the morning or at noon but we can relish this food whenever we want at reasonable price – at around 20.000d each bowl in street food stands or markets. We have a variety of option with toppings such as shredded pork skin, minced egg and steamed meat or barbecued chop. In addition, it is also served with Vietnamese sauce, pickled vegetable and sliced cucumber. 
8. Banh cuon can be a good choice for those who are hungry when traveling in this country. Called roll cake also, this food has various ingredients such as onion, steamed sprouts, Vietnamese ham, cucumber, ear mushroom, meat including shrimp, pork and chicken. They are put in a rice paper and dipped into sauce. Although this combination is savory, the taste is stunningly mild. It is available everywhere on the street or nearby night districts and tourist attraction because it is really popular.
9. The next dish is a mix of savory and sweet flavor called xoi xeo. This Vietnamese snack is added with dried shallot, soy sauce and green bean paste. In many restaurants these days, it is also served with preserved egg, boiled chicken, marinated pork belly, Vietnamese ham and pate to make the meal more nutritious. As it if offered as a dessert, it can be served with crystal sugar, dried coconut shavings and baked sesame seed. The average price for a normal bowl is 15,000d whereas an additional version will be sold in range from 15,000 to 30,000d.
10. Provided that you are a fish lover, you should not miss out ca kho to. Its ingredient is fillet of catfish cooked in clay pot. This food is often appeared in the south of Vietnam, especially in Saigon. To make this dish, people prepare catfish fillet and then put it into the pot with caramel, fish sauce, shallot, soy sauce, several spices, seasoning and sugar. Its outstanding flavor is the great taste of sweet and salty therefore it comes with fresh vegetable and a plate of rice. 

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