• When the crepuscle comes, Chi Lang island is breath-taking by the swings of storks.

    Stork Island in Hai Duong Province

    In early winter, tourists arrive at Stork Island in the North of Hai Duong will be surprised by the view of thousands of storks and herons scattering on trees or lands which look like the white flowers of trees there. 

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  • Top 10 Beautiful Landscapes Of Vietnam

    Vietnam can be considered as among the most amazing Southeast Asian countries with a large number of cultural and historical tourist spots. For those who really love nature, it is a ideal trip to travel to this country to admire many sceneries such as tropical forests where several wild unspoiled islets, precious animals shelter, primary beaches and sky-high mountains. In case that guests long for exploring the life of native people, they can travel to fishing villages in the south or the central coast, farms and tribes on the mountains in the northern Vietnam. They also have a chance to try exciting sport like quad cycling and sand-boarding in a land that is similar to Sahara desert. We would like to gather the information about top 10 most fascinating Vietnamese sceneries to share with tourists.

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  • A beach-side hotel of Hoi An

    Top 10 Hotels In Ancient Hoian

    Hoi An was established in the early 15th century. In the year 1999, it was recognized as the world heritage site by the UNESCO. It is a gorgeous historical town which is located in the southern side of the central coastline. Its most excellent hotels gather in the downtown. Recently, Hoi An is a famous tourist attraction that appeal countless travelers to come to Vietnam. All these great hotels of the town are situated nearby the famous spots and close to many stunning restaurants of native people. Among them, there are some hotels offering delicious food. They also provide tourists with major amenities and facilities to make your journey unforgettable and convenient.

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  • Duong Lam Ancient Village

    Duong Lam is one of the oldest villages in Vietnam with lots of ancient constructions and architectures. This destination attracts tourists for its rustic and slow pace life. Admiring beautiful houses, pagodas, temples or well with ancient carvings and sculptures; enjoying some traditional Vietnamese foods or cycling around the village would be interesting experiences of this tour. 

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  • Bach Ma National Park

    Located at around 50 km to the south from centre of Hue, Bach Ma National Park possesses the almost identical climate to Da Lat, Sapa or Tam Dao. However, due to the position of closing to sea, the temperature here never goes lower than 4°C and higher than 26°C in winter and summer respectively. 

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  • Fried spring rolls of Vietnamese.

    10 Best Vietnamese Foods For Tourist

    Because of the broad mix of vegetables and herbs with noodle, pork, rice, beef and seafood, Vietnamese food is famous for delicious flavor and healthiness. Some of the tastiest Vietnamese specialties are sold in stalls at small restaurants, colorful street markets and on the street whereas there is a large number of five-star restaurants and venues that serve stunning dishes in the luxurious scene in several cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi. Normally, a meal will consist of noodle or rice mixing with vegetable, seafood, fish sauce and soup which can be modified based on your choice. We would like to make this list of stunning food in our country which you can relish whenever you want. The majority of people have known about spring rolls and pho, but it is not just that much: a vast variety of food just served in some areas. Thus, you are suggested to eat once when you come there.

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  •  Introducing Hanoi Capital

    Introducing Hanoi Capital

    Hanoi is the second-largest city in Vietnam with a long history dating back 3,000 BC. It is incomplete when talking about the capital of Vietnam without mentioning its natural charm, educated and hospitable residents and long proud history The city enjoys a warm humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons: summer (May-August), fall (September-October), winter (November-January) and spring (February-April). Residents experience heavy precipitation most of the year, especially in summer.

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  •  Sapa - The Town In Cloud

    Sapa - The Town In Cloud

    Lying in Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, in the northwestern Vietnam, Sa Pa is the attraction to come at all times of a year. Each year, it is attractive for different features. In summer, while it is terribly hot in many provinces in the North, Sapa is an ideal place to escape from that weather. In winter, people are excited to come to Sapa to breathe the cold of mountain and forest and imagine that they are in the remote Europe. 

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  • Top 10 Hotels In Nha Trang

    Top 10 Hotels In Nha Trang

    After exploring the culture of Vietnam all day long, tourists can relax in some great hotels in Nha Trang. They are popular for the up-to-date amenities, comfortable rooms and good service. Situated in a centered location, they provide guests with an easy way to reach sandy beaches, shopping areas, restaurants and historical spots. People from outside of Nha Trang can get there easily by Saigon and Hanoi flights. We highly recommend you to consider the list of the most well-known hotels below ranging from stylish city hotels and sumptuous beach resort.

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